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Metro Property Development is the embodiment of the quintessential Australian success story, its narrative characterised by the hallmarks of preeminence.

From a meteoric rise, to consecutive projects of sell out success, its journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and the refusal to compromise on quality.

With a national platform and agile, adaptable business model, Metro has successfully delivered over 6,000 residences since its inception.


Our Purpose & Passion

At Metro, we're committed to delivering apartments, communities and residences of an unrivalled calibre.

Homes that are exceptionally luxurious, perfectly positioned and family-friendly. Communities where investing in your future, pays lifestyle dividends today.

To realise this goal, we listen closely to our customers and connect with how they aspire to live. This provides the inspiration for new ideas, designs and amenities that can enhance the way we relate to our homes, each other and the wider community.

This process of investigation, combined with sustainable building practices, community-focused design and discriminating site selection, forms the foundation of every landmark project we create for our owner-occupiers and investors.

" Connecting people, passion and purpose to place. "


Shaping Landscapes, Enriching Lives

In 2010, the winds of change were heralding a new era in property development.

Three of industry's keenest minds - Luke Hartman, David Devine and Ken Woodley - came together to create a shared vision. One of a development company which offered more to owner-occupiers and investors. A nimble, adaptable business - entrepreneurial to its core.

Armed with a bold strategy to channel their 70 years' collective expertise, Metro's Directors went about establishing a national platform, opening offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

With this newly accessible local presence, Metro rapidly rose to prominence, becoming known as a leading integrated residential developer and wholesale builder.

From here, Metro developed business arms to serve the unmet needs its Directors had identified in the Apartment, Community and Home sectors.

Metro Apartments' focus is on creating multi-storey residential projects in and around major urban centres. Offering a never-seen-before level of finish and amenity, these buildings have cemented Metro's name as synonymous with the pinnacle of inner city apartment living. The Chelsea, completed in July 2012 and located in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, was Metro's first project of this kind.

Metro Communities works within both established and newly emerging suburban settings. These developments are typically located outside of metropolitan areas, where land sites can be subdivided into individual residential lots.

Metro Homes is the building arm of the group - constructing townhouses and detached dwellings, for land developers and investors, including Metro Communities. Known as Creation Homes in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Metro Homes operates under its own banner in South Australia.

Through product diversification, Metro has reduced the risk associated with the fluctuation of individual market segments and added to it's competitive advantage.

The stability that diversification provides has enabled Metro to seize new opportunities as they present themselves - even if they arise simultaneously, in multiple locations. This capacity for swift response has played a critical role in Metro's success to date.


Corporate Brochure

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